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Software Consulting And Development

For hundreds of people. We help organizations transition by providing powerful and adaptive digital solutions that meet today’s needs while also enabling tomorrow’s prospects.

Software Development

The creation of dependable and scalable software solutions for any operating system, browser, or device. We combine deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology to create personalized solutions and products that exactly meet the demands and behaviors of its consumers.

Software consulting 

Our software professionals will assess, analyse, and investigate a wide range of options for you.

Custom software development

 Our talented technical staff is dedicated to creating software that is tailored to the needs of our clients.

Enterprise software solution

We offer enterprise software solutions to fulfil all of your business requirements.

Software integration

To help you improve your program, we offer data integration, a dependable API, and micro services.

Offshore development center

Collaborate with us to get top-of-the-line, cutting-edge software at the most affordable prices.

Maintenance & support

We give maintenance and support to all of our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix any difficulties that arise in real time.

We handle all technology so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Our team of 30+ software engineers, developers, UX architects, and designers enjoys creating software that has an impact. We develop software that is utilized by millions of people across a variety of industries, including education, technology, healthcare, travel, and more.

Dedicated Development Team

Our dedicated team approach is designed to give clients with long-term access to our experienced software development expertise.

Team Project-based Model

Customers and our software development specialists involved in a specific client’s project work together under our project-based methodology.

Team Extension

Our team extension concept is designed to assist clients who need to expand their team with the necessary experience for a project. 

Maintenance & support

We give maintenance and support to all of our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fix any difficulties that arise in real time.

The Most In-Demand Software Products


Cybersecurity is as important as it has always been, particularly for large-scale initiatives. In any modern software project, managing security risks when handling sensitive data or commercial products is a top issue.

Artificial Intelligence

Any company can take benefit from artificial intelligence. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are transforming a wide range of procedures and day-to-day activities.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a critical engine of company transformation and innovation. Cloud-based solutions help businesses become more agile, save money, and simplify IT.

QA & Testing

Quality Assurance is all about giving your consumers the greatest possible product. A good QA and testing approach reveals useful information, reduces downtime, and improves the user experience.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps link customers with brands by providing fascinating and engaging experiences. The development of native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile applications provides new and long-term competitive benefits.

Block chain

Block chain’s decentralized, distributed, and public ledger provides the highest level of security, transparency, and traceability for anything from crypto currency to supply chain management.

Internet of Things

By taking connectivity and device interaction to a whole new level, IoT development has provided organizations the tools they need to improve their strategies, workflows, and overall communications.

Data Analytics

Using data to gain actionable insights into operations, customers, and corporate products is a no-brainer. Data-driven decisions for performance and growth are defined by BI and Analytics.

UI/UX Design

Conversions increase as a result of engaging and interactive UI/UX designs, which reduce customer turnover and boost loyalty and advocacy. A well-designed UI/UX transforms software into experiences.



From the beginning, they demonstrated to be a professional service provider. We like their proactive approach and ability to recommend architectural and business improvements to a potential solution.


Web Engineer, Microsoft

Our high standards for quality have always been met. We continue to work closely with this great organization with pleasure and confidence.


Web Engineer, Microsoft

They provided a high-quality product and provided exceptional customer service. Other teams have approached us and asked to use it for their own projects.


Web Engineer, Microsoft

We are the Pioneers
of IT Development

Filedropper is an extensive digital solutions specialized in IT management services, including customer support in customer areas, such as networks, security, telecommunications, IT, cloud, desktop and device services and we deployed all over  the United States!

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