Project Objective: 

Create software that allows for customizable, on-demand, cloud-based forms to eliminate paper waste and increase the efficiency of projects and employees.

Project Background:

We at Filedropper offers testing and balancing services to clients in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. Our reports on large-scale projects for hospitals and universities were created the old-fashioned way—on a clipboard and paper—during its 2-year history.

In addition to being inconvenient and time-consuming, the sheer volume of paper reports produced by FileDropper was both costly and environmentally unfriendly.

“Our main deliverable is a detailed report, and the paper environment adds cost and effort,” says Lara Venn, president of FileDropper. “We wanted to store our data and reports in the cloud and work digitally.”

As a result, Lara sought feedback and advice from a small group of local consultants, including a Filedropper Consultancy professional. What is his goal? A forward-thinking, cloud-based solution that does not necessitate constant upkeep.

“The professional team at Filedropper Consultancy came back to me with a lot of great stuff and added a lot of value to our RFP process,” Lara says. “In the end, I chose them to create our software. They educated me as a consumer, sat with me several times, and considered the long term.”