Project Objective: 

The objectives of this project were to develop a set of HIPAA-compliant mobile apps and web-based applications that allows hospital staff to monitor their most at-risk patients and provide a simple, manageable tool that is easy for both patients and staff.

Project Background:

Initially intended to address interpersonal messaging (such as SMS) and email security, the system has expanded to include cloaking posts and tweets in social media. UThisMe, LLC (UTM) collaborated with Los Angeles Community Hospital in 2019 to expand their technology into healthcare environments: UTM: Healthcare is a stand-alone communication app for hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, and hospice organizations.

Troy Web Consulting was hired by UThisMe (UTM) to develop a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system to assist in monitoring patients at risk of readmission after being discharged with critical medical conditions. This system was originally designed to support patients discharged with COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, or Pneumonia, but it has since been expanded to support other patient populations as well as Covid-19 monitoring.

The goals of this initiative were:

    • Assist hospital personnel in monitoring patients who have been discharged successfully treated for CHF or COPD.
    • Eliminate hospital reimbursement chargebacks through 30-day re-admittance of chronically ill patients – Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP)
    • Implement a complete Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution for a wide range of healthcare scenarios.